This year marks the Longest Day of Trails’ fourth year.  We are hosting the event differently from year’s past, and will offer a 10K running race, and a 15 mile bike ride (not a race).  The event will still happen on the Larry Scott Trail.

Sunday, June 23rd.LDoT 2013 poster2

10K race

  • Starts at 9 am, from the PT Boatyard/start of the Larry Scott trail.
  • Please park at the Park and Ride, and cross over using the pedestrian crossing light.
  • Race entry for the run costs $20 for pre-registration. Register online by going to Make sure you click on the button confirming your acceptance of the waiver.
  • $25 for day-of registration. Day of registration opens at just before 8 am. Day of registration closes at 8:40 am.
  • Runners, Walkers, Strollers welcome. Please line up at start line with runners in front, walkers next, and strollers in the back.
  • This event will be timed.
  • Prizes will be awarded.

15 mile bike ride (not race)

  • Starts at 4:15pm, from the PT Boatyard/start of the Larry Scott trail.
  • Please park in the Park and Ride and bike over using the crossing light, or arrive by bike.
  • The bike ride is free, if you’re wearing a helmet.
  • All are welcome: tag-alongs, Chariots, youth on bikes, mountain or road tires, Striders, etc.
  • Ride the entire trail, or just a portion.
  • Speed and distance depends on group- we will split into smaller groups as needed.

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